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Terms of free shipping offer


Below are the terms details of the FREE SHIPPING offered on many of our products:

We offer free shipping on many of the products available in our online catalog. Please check the individual item for the minimum purchase required for free shipping and any exceptions.

Free shipping for RECLINERS includes delivery to a business address in a commercial/industrial area that is accessible by tractor and trailer only.

Home-based businesses are not eligible for free shipping.

The following states are not eligible for free shipping:

  • Utah
  • Wyoming
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii

The following areas of California ARE eligible for free shipping:

  • Zip codes that begin with 900-908
  • Zip codes that begin with 910-918
  • Zip codes that begin with 900-908
  • Zip codes that begin with 919-921
  • Zip codes that begin with 922-925
  • Zip codes that begin with 926-928

Other zip codes in the State of California are NOT eligible for free shipping.

Please contact us for shipping rates to the above listed states and areas of California that are not eligible for free shipping.

Deliveries to remote addresses, or addresses not accessible by a tractor and 53' trailer are not eligible for free shipping. These include addresses that must deliver with a smaller vehicle (similar to box truck) for any reason determined by carrier. These addresses are determined solely by the carrier used to transport the recliners, not by the customer. If the carrier determines that they are not able to access the location, or a third-party service is needed to make the final delivery you will be contacted with an estimate of cost before the product will be delivered. FireStationFurniture.com will not be responsible for the cost of any third-party delivery service.

Customer is responsible for offloading the furniture upon delivery. Drivers may assist with moving the boxes to the back of the trailer, but will not offload or transport the boxes into the facility. Lift gates are not available with the carriers that we use for delivery. If you are not willing or able to unload the furniture, you can request a quote for "white glove" delivery. This cost will be the responsibility of the customer.

It is your responsibility to let us know if any potential issues with accessing your delivery location - remote island, gated access, low bridges, restricted access, etc. If you fail to notify us of any potential accessibility issues, you will be responsible for any added costs incurred during the delivery.


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