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Part of the Value & Convenience of buying your next mattress from us is how we ship our mattresses. We compress and "roll pack" our mattresses to allow them to be shipped in a box much smaller than the actual size of the mattress via FedEx or UPS. This makes it much more convenient for your delivery, saves us on shipping costs and allows us to offer you FREE SHIPPING.

Don't worry, compressing and shipping the mattresses in this manner doesn't in any way damage it. This method has been around for years, and is tried and proven.


Your mattress arrives via FedEx or UPS to your front door. The box is heavy, so we recommend having two people carry the box to the room where it will be set up in. Simply follow the steps outlined below, and you'll be sleeping better in no time!


1 - Once you bring the mattress inside, take it to the room where you want to set it up, open the box and remove the plastic bag containing the mattress.

2 - Carefully cut the outer plastic liner and remove.

NOTE - You will want to use caution when cutting so as to not cut too deep and damage the mattress.

3 - Place the wrapped and compressed mattress on a clean, flat surface (floor or bed where the mattress will be placed) and unroll.

4 - Carefully cut open the plastic bag, using caution so as to not damage the mattress, and completely remove the plastic from the mattress.

Once the plastic is removed, your new mattress will immediately begin to take its shape and expand. Please allow up to 24 hours for the mattress to reach its full height.

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