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What to Know When Selecting a Recliner for the Firehouse

March 28, 2024

The popularity of using recliners in fire station layouts has grown in recent years. Not only are they comfortable, but select manufacturers have improved their quality, making them both more durable and affordable than they have been in the past.

Since durability and affordability are both key for fire stations, and since there are so many different recliner vendors to choose from, these are the important considerations when deciding on a recliner for your fire station:

Choose a vendor who knows fire stations’ unique needs: Since most departments will have a budget set aside for furnishings, choose a furniture vendor who can offer both good quality pieces that are affordable for smaller budgets, and the highest quality furniture for larger budgets. Working with a furniture vendor who can ship to you directly from the manufacturer, like FireStationFurniture.com, can also help you get more quality furniture for your budget, if their business model is to pass their savings on shipping/warehouse overhead along to their end customers.

Choose durable finishes: Especially important when it comes to recliners, finishes like hospitality-grade synthetic leather will hold up much better than bonded leather that will flake and peel with continuous use.

Look for heavier gauge steel and more durable construction: Choose a recliner that is specifically built for firefighters and you’ll find it to be far more durable and long-lasting than any residential recliner. This may come in the form of additional bracing in areas that need it most, higher density seat foam, or in a heavier gauge steel recliner mechanism like FireStationFurniture.com’s Ultimate Firefighter Recliner.

Maximize your space with modular seating options: Consider sofas or theater-style seating, all of which can also be “recliners”. When multiple firefighters can sit within a smaller footprint, you may find modular seating useful for smaller rooms or when your department is expected to grow in coming years.

Look for seating with a variety of items in consistent styles: Recliner seating vendors who can offer multiple styles in the same finishes will allow you to optimize your entire space for maximum seating and still keep a consistent look. Not enough room for one more theater-style sofa in that room? It’s not a problem if you can get a single recliner with the same material finish to fill that remaining space.

Pay attention to customer service and the ordering process: Nothing is more frustrating than when you’ve done the hard work of selecting the right furniture for your station’s needs, only to find out the ordering process is cumbersome, payments are complicated, shipping/delivery is expensive, or that the furniture you want is on backorder. Contact the companies you’re considering purchasing from and find out how they handle customer service.

  • If issues arise, will you have the contact info for a real person, or have to ask for help via a generic mailbox?
  • Does customer service work exclusively with fire stations, so they are knowledgeable on your needs? Or are they only order-takers across multiple customer industries?
  • How are payments processed? Can POs be accepted? Credit cards?
  • What is the shipping and delivery process and timing? Should you expect substantial shipping costs and set aside a budget for that? Are there times when products are on backorder and significant delays should be expected? What is the typical timing for delivery of your order?

At FireStationFurniture.com, we pride ourselves on knowing the unique needs of fire stations when it comes to furniture and recliner needs. Check out our product catalog to find durable fire station furniture for your department:

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